High Efficiency Systems for low Temperature Applications


         Preet Engineers employs modern technology to design, manufacture and install  refrigeration systems for quick freezing, low - temperature storages for marine products.

Preet Ice Cans are available in four standard sizes with capacities of 23 Kg (50 lb). 45 Kg (100 Lb), 136 (300 Lb) & 181 kg (400 Lb). They are fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized sheet steel and featured rugged, all welded construction.  Bottoms are heavier for added corrosion resistance and strength. All welds are made by advanced welding methods, preventing damage  to galvanizing inside the can.
              The smooth construction of these cans on automatic machines eliminates air pockets and ensure crystal clear ice. Cans are tapered and the inside seams are flat and smooth, permitting easy ice removal with minimum meltage. Longitudinal center groove in the wide flat assures structural strength against rough handling and heavy duties. A strong steel band of flat shape is provided at the top for hoisting single cans or for attaching cans to grid for a multiple can lift.
             Preet heavy duty can incorporate all the advantages of modern production technique to provide a superior can for long life and leak free service.


 Evaporator is designed for installation in the brine receway section of the freezing tank.  PREET Evaporator is realistically rated for guaranteed high capacity performance.  The coils are rigidly braced and reinforced.  The pipe used is TATA make C class.



 To assure the exact brine velocity and minimum temperature difference throughout the freezing tank an efficient belt driven Agitator is furnished.  The brine agitation system is supplied complete with agitator motor, starter, belts and other necessary components.



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